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Daily Linkage: Travel's Final Frontier

Today's Pick
Here's one travel-related item not expected to make Wendy Perrin's Deal of the Day anytime soon: space travel. Today on, Will Whitehorn, president of Virgin Galactic, predicted that would-be astronauts shouldn't expect to pay less than $100,000 for the chance to use zero gravity airsickness bags once Virgin Galactic's space program is up and running. Earlier this week,'s Autopia blog ran footage of the April 20 test flight of a prototype of WhiteKnightTwo, the plane expected to carry SpaceShipTwo, Virgin Galactic's six passenger suborbital craft, to launch altitude. 

The Discovery Channel live blogs its Everest climb and shares some beautiful shots.

Travel service journalism par excellence:'s "Five In-Flight Movies to Avoid Now."

Sure, the whole Trafalgar Square gathering was for an advertisement, but impressive nonetheless.


Daily Linkage: Weird Swiss Travel

Today's Pick
The squeaky-clean Swiss go to new extremes in this travel video from Switzerland Tourism. 

And we thought the BQE was bad. Gadling names "The Worst Potholes in the World."


Daily Linkage: Photo Crazy

Photo: Peter Funch

Today's Picks
Still recovering from Monday's Air Force One photo-op/screw-up, we dedicate this post to those travel photographers and filmmakers who know their way around Photoshop: 

Artist Peter Funch brings the weird back to New York City's streets with Babel Tales, while Paris gets tweaked beyond recognition by Alexandre Duret-Lutz. 

If we had this camera, we'd take the next transpacific flight and reshoot our Adventure Capital of New Zealand video.

And yes, we know Earth Day was last week, but you can never go wrong with the Big Picture

The economic news may be ugly, but as long someone can make $10K writing tweets for a Sonoma winery or $100K for blogging (and living) on a tropical island, it can't be all bad.


Daily Linkage: On Mapping Flickr Photos and Swine Flu

Manhattan Apple Store
The Apple Store on Fifth Avenue. 
Photo: Othermore on Flickr
using Creative Commons

Today's Pick
Quick, what is the fifth most photographed building in New York City? Studying geotagged data from 35 million photographs uploaded to Flickr, computer scientists at Cornell have discovered that the building is (virtual drumroll...) the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue! They also learned that while New York is the most photographed city in the world, London hosts four of the most photographed landmarks. Check out the New Scientist for the names of those landmarks as well as the scientists' account of how Flickr statistical analysis can provide insight into "what the world is paying attention to."

No doubt, most Daily Travelers have already encountered mapped versions of the spread of the A (H1N1) swine flu. Here's a version on Google Maps. takes the state-by-state approach. For the money, however, hosts the most interactive swine flu map, thanks to a slider that allows users to track its spread over time. We hope not to see many more updates.


Daily Linkage: Sachs Machine

Photo: Sebastien Cailleux / Portfolio

Today's Pick
When not tagging poverty fighter Jeffrey Sachs with new nicknames such as the "Willy Loman of Anti-poverty Products" and "International Man of Misery," reports on the challenges Sachs is facing getting various governments and billionaires on board the anti-poverty train during the worldwide economic crunch.  Don't miss the map ("Where's Jeffrey?") detailing a recent monthlong travel itinerary completed by Sachs.  How do you match up?  Condé Nast Traveler profiled Jeffrey Sachs in 2008.

Watch SouthWest's rapping flight attendant, if only for the look of bewilderment on some of the passengers' faces.


Anyone Up for a Dull Adventure?

Anyone up for a dull adventure? (The Telegraph)

"America's trains may soon go faster--relatively" (The Economist)

Here's a good idea: showcase art in those empty shop windows (

"A passenger who allegedly twisted a flight attendant's arm in a bid to use an airline toilet is facing charges" (

Florida to get first solar-powered city (Reuters)


Nudists, Zombies, and Human Cargo

Coming soon: A hotel in the Black Forest for "walkers who like to go bare and nudists who like to walk." (BBC News)

Ten hotels for movie fans, popcorn not included. (Telegraph)

Learn to read the Cyrillic alphabet in just 5 minutes! (Gadling)

Twiddler nation: Is the recession turning us into zombies? (Reuters)

Why good sleep habits are so important (NY Daily News)


Of Pilot Bloggers and Toilet Poems

* What's it like to be an airline pilot? Ride along in the cockpit and find out. (Gadling)

* "Japan group launches 'toilet poems' to save paper" (Reuters). Great idea but, er, how does it work?

* Our lady of the Starbucks logo: Her identity is revealed! (The Jerusalem Post)

* Coming soon: "intelligent" airline seating. Useful service, or clever new way to charge extra? (Gulliver)

* "Bella knows she's not an elephant. Tarra knows she's not a dog. But that's not a problem for them." (CBS News)


I Want My Sushi TV!

Sushi eyes

* Tokyo sushi restaurant, from a sushi point of view. Cue soundtrack.
* Meanwhile in Berlin...178 people photographed over 20 days.
* Exotic animals that you can ride (BootsnAll)
* Philly authorities confirm that their town is NYC's sixth borough (
* Kissing banned in the U.K.  Punching still allowed. (Telegraph U.K.)


Firecrackers 1 Star Architect 0

New Zealand
CCTV Building, pre-fireworks
Photo: MKMedia / Flickr

Gung Hay Fat Fire! A most unfortunate beginning to the Chinese New Year (HuffPo)

Someone get this guy a travel writing gig.  And maybe a sandwich as he seems to be a couple short of a picnic. (International Herald Tribune)

Dubai feels the pinch. It had to happen sooner or later. (NYT)

London, birthplace to the twit, now has the Twitter bug, just like CNT's own Wendy Perrin

Dr. Wangari Maathai was presented with the Chairman's award at the 40th Annual NAACP Image Awards in LA last night. We spoke with the environmentalist last February


It's National Weatherman Day

* See? To honor these brave men and women, Gawker's video staff has put together a compilation of the best of on-air weatherman "floof goofing."
* Pink Panther Deux is out--and so is the fact that they filmed parts of the Paris-based film in Boston (Jaunted). Faux pas or bonne idée?
* A few states south, New York solves its aromatic mystery (New York Times).
* Hopefully Venice will solve that, too, now that people should have no excuse for using its streets as a urinal (Reuters).
* Now for a pay toilet that will accept this.


Rail Art

Rail Art
Pikachu on Japan's Seto line
Photo: Pink Tentacle

* There's street art, and then there's rail art (Pink Tentacle)

* Nature or nurture? Yet more proof, if proof be needed, that the modern diet is destroying our taste buds (New Scientist)

* "Why I'm Glad the 'Glory Days' of Air Travel Are Gone" (The Cranky Flier)

* "Airlines need to become sympathetic to passenger issues" (Travel-Rants). Tell us about it

* Air India fired ten flight attendants for being overweight (Gulliver). Hey, whatever's heavy on the ground is heavier in the air


Abandoned London

* Not a sequel to the UK zombie film 28 Days Later. It's Abandoned London on Christmas morning.
* Tweets from the Denver Continental crash.
* "Polar Bears" mark the New Year worldwide. (BBC)
* With the Spielbergian blockbuster looming, one take on Belgian boy-reporter Tintin. (Economist)
* Flying while Muslim is not a crime. (MSNBC)


"This is No Bar Bet, It's a Lawsuit"

Drinking on planes
One more glass and I'll call
my lawyer

* Can you get drunk on a flight, then sue the airline for giving you the booze? (Chicago Tribune)
* Top 40 travel songs of all time (World Hum). We'll raise you 10: "Around the World in 50 Songs"
* He didn't find a soul mate, but writer Tony Perottet did find lots of ladies on his "Casanova Tour of Venice" (Slate). John Julius Norwich has a different take on the city
* On the bright side, inexpensive last-minute holiday airfares do exist (Gadling)
* Tyler Brûlé of the Financial Times judges a hotel by its sandwich (Gulliver). In other sandwich news, Daily Traveler Mollie Chen finds her soul mate


Ahoy There, Wendy!

Have you seen this woman?


* Where's our friend, Wendy Perrin? On a cruise around the world. But how safe is she? (ShipCritic)
* Careful how you pack your expensive underwear (New York Times)
* SNOLA. Weird weather hits the American South
* Solar-powered luggage (Gulliver,
* French song, Italian countryside, Japanese company, American actor. 



Smelly Tourists

* Sen. Harry Reid smells tourists

* Happy 100th roundel logoWhat's a roundel, you wonder?  Ask a Londoner

* Art Basel Miami or Lebowski Fest NYC?  Right now, we're feeling the White Russians

* If you're heading to St. Helena, offer the old timer a head of lettuce

* Reality TV leaves no stone unturned, not even the TSA


Japanese Slang and Bunny Jumping



* "Morning banana" is not, repeat, not, the masculine for "Hello Kitty." Behold, the 60 most popular Japanese words and phrases of the year.

* Coming to a Nordic country near you: Bunny show jumping

* Missed your train? If you're stuck in Grand Central consider yourself lucky.

* Itching to fly on an Emirates A380?  This person documents every last second down to the lavatory lines. Worth the download time! Photos galore.

* International extinction alert: Mexican walking fish.  Does  this face deserve such a fate?


Abba Clones and Google Flus

Abba clones on the Daily Traveler


* Abba incubator Sweden was happening in the 1970s!  Review a photographic homage to shaggy hair and jumpsuits then read up on Stockholm's renaissance in this month's CNT.

* Now Google tracks the flu.  Has the bug come to your home state?

* Phoenician ruins found in Lebanon. A new (or rather, very old) pyramid in Egypt.  A good time to be an archaeologist.

* Ian Fleming's JamaicaBarak Obama's America. Pet cheetah's cargo hold.

* Coffee, tea or...what!  NASA's beverage selection


Like, Boo!, Dude

AP Photo

* "Like, boo! dude!": GridSkipper's guides to haunted Los Angeles and spooky San Francisco
* ...while hits the small town haunts
* Never mispronounce anything again.  Awesome language website, with audio.
* Comforting that some still think big. Bring on sports in space (NYT)
* Roadside political art:  Homemade Obama signs.


Veggies from Hell and Spooky Staycations

Evil veggies
Eat your veggies before they
eat you.

Till Nowak 

* Horrid, horrid vegetables and other surreal stuff by artist Till Nowak.

* The touring exhibit that does not die.  Gunther von Hagens's cadavers come to London.

* What not to do with a pumpkin: Demented Halloween behavior.

* The Mexican Underground is jaw-dropping.

* Spooky staycations?  Consult the Web site of abandoned places


If You Build It

Babar makes his way to New York.

Why they're coming in droves to Sydney's seacoast this month.

What cartographers do for fun.

Have trunk, will travel--a globetrotter in New York.

Babar, phone home.

Some airports are named after people, and some people are named after airports.


Moss-y Aphrodite

The life-size gold statue of Moss as a "modern-day Aphrodite" with a thing for yoga.

* A solid gold statue of Kate Moss has been unveiled at the British Museum in London (Reuters)
* These striped icebergs of the Antarctic are way prettier than an 18-karat gold supermodel (
* Cross it off your to-do list.  Someone has already conquered the English Channel by jetpack (The Economist)
*...and I thought I had a toothache (Thai Photo Blogs)
* On the Road: Parenting by Blackberry ("Motherlode," the New York Times)


Wat, No More?


* If you want to see Angkor Wat, you might have to hurry (Gadling)

* Spend all your dough on the Ritz-Carlton? Here are the best bay area places to eat on the cheap (The San Francisco Chronicle)

* While the rest of the world's economies are in shambles, Dubai opened an Atlantis resort this week (Gulliver). Middle Eastern hospitality experts recently tackled the issue of Middle Eastern development at Condé Nast Traveler's World Savers Congress

* Speaking of fiscal shambles, Jet Republic, a private jet club, launched Wednesday

* Qatar's quest to host the 2018 World Cup is taking soccer to new depths


Pachyderm Pop

Thai Elephant Orchestra

* The Thai Elephant Orchestra.  That's all we need to say.

* Huge, beautiful photos of "London from above, at night."

* As four U.S. Airports prepare to unveil new facilities, Joe Brancatelli prepares for the worst.

* World's shortest man can't reach Hyatt elevator buttons.

* A celebrity's last gasp? Michael Phelps sings Journey for private jet company commercial.


Mile High Blockbusters

Alitalia Safety Video
Alitalia's got indie cred.

* Oscar-worthy airline safety videos (WSJ Magazine)
* Book lovers rejoice. Someone has mapped out bookstores (chain, indie, college) nationwide (Quiet American)
* Staycations? Tired. Enter the One-Minute Vacation (Publishers Marketplace)
* What to do with the little-uns? Petting zoos (Cookie Magazine)
* "In-Flight Plight": The case of the forbidden peanut butter (The New York Times)


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