’s Event Check-In App is Here

Great news, just in time for January! We’ve expanded our check-in feature to include a dedicated tablet app that syncs directly with the platform. Here are a few features of the app, available to customers immediately.

Fully Integrated with Our app is easy-to-use (just like the rest of and automatically syncs your event info. Finally, everything on one platform.

Customize Check-In: The check-in app was designed with the same high level of customization you’d expect from Check guests in by guest name, by group, by byt, by entire event, or any other way you want.

User-Friendly Design: The check-in app is easy-to-use, intuitive, and cleanly designed.

No Additional Cost: For users, the app is yet another feature of our comprehensive platform, not an add-on or additional expense.

Barcodes and RFID: In development and coming soon! The app will support multiple barcode formats and RFID technology.

We’re thrilled to add the app to our platform and would love to answer your questions about it.