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Capri Shopping

100% Capri
29 Via Fuorlovado
Capri Town , Capri
Italy 80073
Tel: 39 081 837 7561

With other branches only in Rome and St. Barths, this exclusive home-furnishings label operates out of two shops that face each other across the lane. Linen is the material of choice, woven into beautifully finished sheets, pillowcases, tablecloths, pajamas, and other cool bedroom, dining room, and bathroom accessories, plus a few shirts and blouses. In most of the home products, there are just three colors: white, khaki, and dark chocolate.

Open May to the beginning of October.

Carthusia I Profumi di Capri
10 Via Camerelle
Capri Town , Capri
Italy 80073
Tel: 39 081 837 0529

This tiny shop has been crafting fragrances from local herbs and flowers since 1948. The scents are unique and considered collector's items by fans; the most popular is a floral blend called, naturally, Fiori di Capri. They also sell soaps and scented candles. The address above is that of the main showroom; you can also visit the factory store near Certosa di San Giacomo (2 Viale Parco Augusto; 39-081-837-0368).

Open March to October.

Grazia Vozza Capri
38 Via Fuorlovado
Capri Town , Capri
Italy 80073
Tel: 39 081 837 4010

Creative jeweler Grazia Vozza and her twin sister, Marica, do amazing things with gold, semiprecious stones, amber, and freshwater pearls; their stylishly ethnic necklaces, earrings, bangles, and handbags are difficult to resist. New lines include some highly desirable Capri sandals with gemstone straps.

Open May to November.

L'Arte del Sandalo Caprese
Via Giuseppe Orlandi
Anacapri , Capri
Italy 80071
Tel: 39 081 837 3583

For nearly 50 years, Antonio Viva's sandals have graced the feet of celebrities, including Jackie O. and Sophia Loren. The store stocks ready-made varieties, but if you can wait a few weeks, Viva will design (and ship) a custom pair for you, too.

La Conchiglia
18 Via Camerelle
Capri Town , Capri
Italy 80073
Tel: 39 081 837 8199

One of the few remnants of the literary culture that dominated Capri in the early part of the 20th century, when writers and artists flocked here to take part in its supposedly simple, unspoiled way of life. Among the expats who settled here were the British literary lions Norman Douglas and Oscar Wilde; and even Vladimir Lenin took time out from penning revolutionary manifestos to sun himself here for a few weeks in 1908. La Conchiglia, one of three bookshops run by an enterprising local publisher, is a good place to pick up antique prints and maps or secondhand books about Capri—many of them in English.

La Fiorente
4 Via Roma
Capri Town , Capri
Italy 80073
Tel: 39 081 8377083

If Grazia Vozza represents the contemporary, creative side of the Capri jewelry scene, La Fiorente holds the flame for tradition. Consisting of three separate outlets on busy Via Roma, the Alberino family's mini empire has grown from a single shop, opened in 1946, to become the point of reference for visitors who are partial to a bit of sparkle. The main store, at Number 4, specializes in dazzling old-fashioned luxury items in diamonds and precious stones. At Number 3, Don Alfonso offers a more accessible range with a predominance of pearl, coral and turquoise, while La Fiorente Coralli at Number 13 is a showpiece for the Bay of Naples's coral-working expertise, with intricately carved cameos and table centerpieces alongside the jewelry.—Lee Marshall

La Parisienne
7 Piazza Umberto I
Capri Town , Capri
Italy 80073
Tel: 39 081 837 7750

Founded in 1906, La Parisienne is still the island's best source for Capri pants. You can buy copies of the originals worn by Audrey Hepburn or order your own; a custom pair (around €200) takes a day to make.

Le Farella
21c Via Fuorlovado
Capri Town , Capri
Italy 80073
Tel: 39 081 837 5243

The four Farella sisters were given a small machine loom by their mother in 1981. After working in a garden shed for a while, they opened this workshop-boutique where they make and sell their shawls, cardigans, sweaters, dresses, and bedcovers. Cashmere is a specialty, but the sisters also dye their own silk, linen, and cotton fabrics. Shawls and tunics are often decorated with delicate macramé borders.

Closed January through March.

Limoncello di Capri
79 Via Roma
Capri Town , Capri
Italy 80073
Tel: 39 081 837 2927

Invented almost a century ago by the Canale family, which still runs this business today, Capri's trademark liqueur made with local lemons can be sipped straight, mixed with vodka, or poured over ice cream (whichever you choose, it packs a wallop). A bottle makes a great souvenir or gift for friends back home.

Capri Palace Hotel & Spa
2b Via Capodimonte
Anacapri , Capri
Italy 80071
Tel: 39 081 837 1426

The island's only "department store" is located in the Capri Palace hotel and stocks high-end designers (Valentino, Versace, Armani) plus precious corals and cameos made by the local artisans. You will also find stylish furniture and Capodimonte porcelain that the store will ship all over the world. Other Italian creations include Sorrento intarsia work and a range of funky Venetian glass tumblers by Carlo Moretti.

Closed November to March.

Information may have changed since the date of publication. Please confirm details with individual establishments before planning your trip.