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Fez Restaurants

Al Fassia
Bab Guissa Fez el Bali
Tel: 55 634331

Open for dinner inside the Sofitel Palais Jamai, Al Fassia remains one of the most beautiful restaurants in Fez and promises a classic Moroccan dining experience. Beneath elaborately painted ceilings, the scent of fresh rose petals fills the air, and low blue-velvet banquettes are piled with pillows, allowing guests to relax and recline after multicourse meals. Traditional dancers and musicians put on a great show, but keep in mind that diners are charged extra for the performance.

47 Route d'Imouzzer Ville Nouvelle
Tel: 55 641687

For those who are unable to snag an invitation to dinner at a Moroccan home, this restaurant is the next best thing. Located in a chic private dwelling on a residential mansion-lined street in the Ville Nouvelle, L'Ambra serves fine traditional fare to visitors. Service is excellent, and a stunning collection of antiques decorates the space. Reservations are highly recommended.

La Kasbah Restaurant
Fes el-Bali, near Bab Boujeloud
Tel: 55 741533

At this budget restaurant, a prix fixe menu includes soup or salad, a couscous or tagine entrée, fruit, mint tea, and a dessert—and only costs about $7. Try the harira soup, Morocco's version of minestrone, a flavorful broth rich with lentils and vegetables. Chewy flatbread accompanies flavorful cold salads, and piles of couscous are topped with tender sweet-and-savory chicken, seasoned in a sauce of caramelized onions, raisins, and local spices. Finish with a few sips of the fresh and sugary mint tea.

Medina Café
6 Derb Mernissi, near Bab Boujloud
Tel: 55 633430

Next to the bank outside Bab Boujloud, this pleasant café is a perfectly safe stopping point for women traveling solo. Open daily for lunch, the sunny and modern Moorish eatery serves up potent mint tea and pastille, a savory pie of meat and vegetables wrapped in filo pastry dough. Diners are also invited to puff from a hookah-like contraption called a sheesha, or water pipe.

Palais de Fès
5 Makhfia Ech Cif
Tel: 55 761590

Prices here are extremely high by Moroccan standards, but some say this exquisite restaurant serves the best food in Fez. Portions are huge, and live music at dinner enhances the dining experience. For about $35, adventurous eaters opt for their famous pigeon pie—tender meat soaks up an aromatic sauce and is layered with vegetables, raisins, and native spices beneath a pastry crust that is sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.

Information may have changed since the date of publication. Please confirm details with individual establishments before planning your trip.