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Firewalking Ceremonies

Fiji's insider take:

Fijian firewalking or "Vilavilairevo", which translates as "jumping into the oven", is the ability to walk barefoot upon hot rocks and not get burned. As the legend goes, it can only be performed by the people of Beqa island, descendants of Tui Qualita, who is said to have captured a spirit god named Tui Namoliwai. The spirit god offered the man supernatural powers in exchange for his release, but Tui Qualita turned each one down. The only promise that tempted him was power over fire. So they prepared a hot pit of stones and Tui Namoliwai instructed Tui Qualita to walk into it with him. He did and wasn't burned. Tui Namoliwai promised him that from that day on, he and his descendants would always have that power. There are nine villages on Beqa and each with about 200 residents. Youngsters start training for firewalking as early as age 8, though it is not performed until age 16. Mindboggling demonstrations of firewalking have become commonplace at resorts all over Fiji, though all firewalkers performing the ritual likely hail from Beqa island.

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