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The Different Company, 2nd Arr.

10 Rue Ferdinand Duval
France 75002
Tel: 33 1 42 78 19 34
Metro: Saint-Paul's insider take:

The name is English and the new boutique looks distinctly Zen, yet the Different Company is the summit of France's perfume-making tradition. In 2000, France's most famous nose, Jean-Claude Ellena, and an ambitious industrial designer, Thierry de Baschmakoff, decided to create a line using only the best ingredients and the most beautiful (and sturdy) hardware. Since Ellena now works exclusively with Hermès, he has handed over the creative direction to his daughter, whose innovations include Night Jasmine, a highly concentrated perfume with over 700,000 flowers per bottle. Though the perfumes are now internationally available (and covetable), it's only here that the company tests scents in wine glasses, furnishes refills, or finds custom crocodile casing for perfume bottles.

Open Tuesdays through Saturdays noon to 7 pm.

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