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Sweden Nightlife

Allmänna Galleriet 925
Kronobergsgatan 37
Tel: 46 8 4106 8100

This former silver workshop is an unexpected success. It's on Kungsholmen, removed from the heart of the city, down a drab street, behind an unmarked door, and up a flight of stairs. With concrete floors, white-tiled walls, and lots of well-used sofas, it resembles a cool, postindustrial loft. In addition to a bar (which opens at 5 p.m. and quickly fills up before closing at 1 a.m.) and a restaurant that serves hearty food, the space hosts exhibitions by young artists, and there's live music regularly.

Closed Sundays and Mondays.

Grev Turegatan 16
Tel: 46 8 679 6100

Grev Turegatan is one of the main arteries of swanky Östermalm, so it's great fun to turn up at Grodan—the name means frog in Swedish—nab a seat by the window, and watch the posh, self-aware people go by. (There's outdoor seating when the weather's warm.) The dining room is traditional, with murals, paneling, and chandeliers, but the bar is minimalist and there are nightclub events. The menu is uninspired—club sandwich, burger, Caesar salad, onion soup—and the service is far from polished, but no one comes here for the food.

Birger Jarlsgatan 4
Sweden 11434
Tel: 46 8 545 035 60

You'll see more bottles of Champagne ordered here than anywhere else in town. Riche starts to buzz right after work with a crowd of deep-pocketed thirtysomethings and minor celebrities kicking off a night out in the Östermalm area. If the bar is full, avoid the squeeze by taking a table either in the white-walled dining room or in the glassed-in area alongside the sidewalk and order some reliable bistro fare.

Closed Sundays.

Stureplan 2
Sweden 11446
Tel: 46 8 440 5730

Stureplan is the heart of Stockholm nightlife, and Sturehof is right in the middle of it. It's a big place comprised of a restaurant, a bar, a terrace in summer, and a funky live music venue called Obaren. It's been open since 1897 and retains the feel of classic bistro bar: Staff wear white aprons, walls are white-tiled, and the menu is full of traditional Swedish dishes. Come during Sunday lunch when everywhere else is closed, or drop by any night of the week—it's always open until 2 a.m.

White Room
Regeringsgatan 61
Sweden 11156

Imagine if Stanley Kubrick had designed a Swedish nightclub, and you've pretty much got the White Room: an almost-all-white space full of curvaceous, space-age furniture. Helped by the fact that it's one of the few places in the city open until 5 a.m. and is an easy walk from Stureplan (the de facto center of Stockholm nightlife), it's a hit with a very young, very fashionable crowd.

Closed Sundays–Thursdays.

Information may have changed since the date of publication. Please confirm details with individual establishments before planning your trip.