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Abdulla, Istanbul

25/27 Ali Baba Turbe Sokak
Tel: 90 212 526 30 71's insider take:

Owner Metin Tosun describes his operation at Abdulla as "giving new soul to old patterns," and indeed this Old City store's fantastic collection of homespun fabrics, cloths, towels, and throws all hail from private workshops from around the country. Check out their traditional hammam pestemals, which come in silk or cotton, and knitted hammam washcloths made from kese fabric indigenous to the Black Sea region. They also have a great line in chunky cubes of soap made from pure olive oil bases, and a collection of animal skin rugs (including sealskin) that will either thrill or repel, depending on your stance on the matter. There's also a branch in the Grand Bazaar (58/60 Halıcılar Caddesi; 90-212-522-90-78).

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