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Kú, Anguilla 

What a disaster.

Posted on: April 13, 2012 at 3:38PM


by Judicool
Based on the description of the hotel we made a reservation for a whole week in March 2012. I wanted to leave almost as soon as we got there. The place is completely abandoned - in fact it s for sale. The rooms are shabby, their market is closed and because the restaurant owner resigned there are two ladies preparing some non edible meals. The price- 490 USD for a night is ridiculous. And then comes the worse- it's not safe to be there. On our last night some security guy showed up and told us to keep all the doors and windows locked. Saying"you don't know those days what might happen". The island economy had collapsed and there are some gangs fighting over power on Anquilla. It looks like a paradise- the Shoal Bay indeed is beautiful. But a waitress in a neighborhood restaurant telling us a story of someone that got killed recently in a club few hundred meters from us- is way too much.