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Online Air Ticket Booking - Debunking The Common Myths!

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Posted on: June 25, 2013 at 10:03AM

In recent times, booking an airline ticket has become a lot easier. Thanks to technology. Expect more change to follow in the coming years. As per SITA, a renowned authority in air transport communications and IT, more number of people will be buying airline tickets via the web and mobile devices by the year 2015. Booking tickets online certainly gets you the best deals but finding the right deal is quite challenging. Timing matters the most because even a minuteís difference can snatch away that rewarding deal which could be money-saving. There are a whole lot of myths surrounding booking flight tickets online. These could actually provoke you to make wrong decisions. Before we start discussing about these myths and busting them, it is very important to remember that airline companies are out there to do some real business. They have provision for only 10% of the seats to be given away for cheapest prices. They want to get the most out of you! It is a fact of life that only a few lucky individuals get those cheapest tickets. However, with patience and research you can definitely crack the best deal! Read on to find out more about these myths. Myth # 1 I will get the best deal, if I buy a ticket as early as possible Most of us assume that buying tickets early will get us the best deals. Unfortunately, it ainít true! If you book your tickets before four months, there is a good chance that you will end up paying a mid-tier level price. So, letís answer the real question - How early should I book my tickets to pay the lowest price? Always remember Ė Donít be a very early bird! Book your tickets before six weeks to get those amazing discounts. Myth # 2 Booking tickets at the last minute is the best bargain Thinking that last-minute deals will be low-priced? Well, you are mistaken. These days purchasing airline tickets at the last minute will cost you more money. Prices start shooting up just two weeks before the departure. So, if you book tickets at the last minute, airlines will consider you as a business customer who can shell out more money. Make sure you book tickets well-in advance to get a substantial discount. Myth # 3 Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days to buy tickets According to a latest study headed by Steven Puller, a Texas A & M University Professor, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are no longer the best days to purchase flight tickets. Instead, the study reveals that weekends can get you the best deals. The tickets bought on weekends were found to be cheaper by 5% on average. The best thing to do is to sign up an e-mail alert facility on sites such as You will get complete information about the best deals right at your fingertips. You can also check on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Many airline companies are known to have special deals for their Facebook Fans. Myth # 4 Night seems to be the best time to book flight tickets There is this foolish myth going around that booking airline tickets at night gets you hefty discounts. Sadly, this ainít true as well. The best time to purchase airline tickets is in the morning. There are some good travel portals that offer comprehensive information about all this. Itís recommended to go through these before you make the final call. Myth # 5 Airfares are calculated based on distance traveled Ever wondered why New York to Boston costs $ 600 whereas New York to Los Angeles cost about $ 300 inspite of Boston being nearer to New York? Well, the prices are influenced by competition and not the distance. Fuel is another culprit that can make air travel pretty expensive. So, never assume you have to pay less if distance is less. Remember, there are various factors that determine the pricing of an air ticket. Booking a flight ticket is a bit tricky and sometimes complex too. However, getting the best deal is not that difficult. With technology by your side, you can get quick information about the best flight deals, price hikes, fuel surcharge, best time to buy tickets and much more. You can even seek the advice of your friends and relatives who keep traveling frequently to get insights about booking these tickets. report a problem

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