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Harmony Hall, Brown's Bay, Antigua 

Absolute Disgrace!

Posted on: April 23, 2009 at 1:07PM

by BondDude
The service I received at this restaurant was the most disgusting experience I have ever had in dining. First of all, my wife and I arrived at the restaurant before it was open, and aske if the tables were well booked. We were told that was not, and that we would be seated as soon as the restaurant opened. Upon opening for business, we were led to our seating. Noticing that the tables overlooking the ocean are of better view, we requested one of those tables (at least 15+ available). We were immediately told by the hostess that they were only for a party of 4 and that we could only occupy the 2 seat tables that are well inside with lesser view. I did not question this at first, thinking that the restaurant would fill up quickly, but it never did. The tipping point was when an English couple came in, they requested the 4 seat table with great view and got it from the same hostess without any question!! Not only that, out of the 15+ available good tables, she seated them directly in front of us, further blocking our view, while all other good 4-seat tables were open!! The wait staff kept on refilling their water and drinks, and no one paid any attention to us. The hostess dropped by the other table to ask about the food & service every 10 minutes while we couldn't even manage to get our water refilled -- and we were sitting right behind the other couple!! I am never one to claim racism, but this appears to be a obvious case (we are Asian). Not only that, we get similar treatment arcross many restaurants in Antigua, especially from the locals who still seem to live in a very different time. My wife and I were furious and pointed this out and wrote our entire complaint on the back side of our check. I asked the manager/owner to read it carefully. Hopefully, they will prevent this from happening in the future. Since the tip was a mandatory 20%, I could not even exclude it after being blatently discriminated against. The food, by the way, was OK, and can only be considered reasonable because food on this island is just ridiculously bad. Even employees of major hotels will try to hustle you for money (when no one is watching). One tip I have is to stay around the Jolly Harbor side where there are more Americans. The service is much friendlier there. The English Harbor side is just awful, and the locals will blatently discriminate against you if you don't fit their image of a customer.