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Estancias, Buenos Aires

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Estancia El Rocio

Posted on: November 9, 2010 at 9:16PM

By Guest

I have never posted comments before, but I just had such a terrible experience with El Rocio, that I felt the need to warn fellow travelers. In April 2010 I booked a room (months in advance, since my trip was going to be during the holidays and I knew it would be very difficult to get reservations during that period) for 2 nights between Christmas and New Years. I paid a $375 deposit for the room - in cash (by wire transfer), which is the only payment they accept. The balance of the room charge was due this week (also in cash), so I sent an e-mail confirming that the wire transfer information was still the same. I did not hear back for a couple of days, so I called them and was told that since they had not received enough reservations for that time that they had rented the entire place out for the month of December to a single family and that my room was no longer available. I happen to know that they also did this to other people who were clients of a major travel agent who will not be sending people there again. Please bear in mind that the ONLY reason I learned about this was that I contacted THEM. They did NOT contact me to tell me this. They offered to try to find me a place nearby, but I had booked the nicest room at the estancia, and needless to say, this close to the holidays there is nothing comparable available (which is why I made my reservation months in advance). Because they failed to honor the reservation (and my deposit, which they say they will return - I think they should at least have also offered to pay for wherever I end up staying for those 2 nights, but they didn't), I now have nowhere to stay during those 2 nights, and pretty much everything desirable is already long booked. So buyer beware, these people clearly have no consideration for their guests.

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