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Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Argentina.
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Spanish School in Latin America

I have great plans for my time in Montevideo, Uruguay. I travel express to learn Spanish there but I also plan in enjoying the beaches of Punta del Este and also to visit Atlantida....more

Food Tours in Buenos Aires?

Hi, want to try out local foods and have limited time in the city. Having trouble finding any food tours in BA. Has anyone done one there?   more

Best Restaurants in Buenos Aires

What were your favorite restaurants in Buenos Aires? I'm having a hard time finding good ones. I find the food to be somewhat mediocre. I did find the site to be...more

Great Buenos Aires Restaurants

I am looking for Buenos Aires restaurant recommendations to match the one I had at Prodeo Lounge.I had a fabulous dinner there last weekend. A very sleek interior with a live DJ playing...more

Best Dining

The big name restaurants are fine, but most are for tourists. For the best dining, get off the main roads and walk around. Palermo has so many great restaurants you can fall down and...more

Secret Restaurants

The best restaurants in BA are private tables in chefs' homes. One of our favorite restaurantes secretos is Casa Saltshaker, in Chef Dan Perlman's apartment. Look here:...more

Evita Museum

Evita Museum in Palermo has a beautiful sidewalk cafe where you can enjoy sandwiches and a glass of Malbec.   more

Kosher McDonalds

Inside the Abasto Shopping Mall (owned by a Jewish religious man) is the only Kosher McDonalds outside of Israel. It is on the 2nd floor in the food court.   more

Great city, but forget the hotels...

rent a condo instead. You'll have you're own kitchen and save a TON of money. We've been to Buenos Aires twice for two weeks each time. Check out our...more

Wonderful Place to see.

Having lived here for over three years gives me a different perspective than just traveling. Although we were cautioned about many things...we lived our lives as we would have here. ...more

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