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Bad hotel. Lousy security, terrible customer service

Posted on: November 27, 2010 at 2:18PM

By Guest

Worst hotel experience in my life. First night was great, on the second night, my boyfriend and I were awakened at 4:30am by a burglar digging through one of our bags at the end of our bed. The guy ran out the patio and jumped the 4ft wall, never to be seen again. Security came, said they circle the grounds twice per hour and documented our patio door at midnight. We asked why they didn't just call us to tell us the door was open since it was a big enough issue for them to document - they had no answer. The guy who checked us out was aware of the incident and said nothing about it until we mentioned it. He comped us a $30 lunch as an afterthought and said the director of security wanted to talk to us. The security director was confrontational, defensive, and aggressive to talk to, he actually got up in my face. He had nothing to say except - well, we cannot predict the future. It was bad enough waking up to a burglar in our room, but the way the hotel staff handled the situation was inexcusable. The hotel is unsafe and the customer service is absolutely atrocious. DO NOT STAY AT THIS HOTEL.

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