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Australia User Posts + Reviews

Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Australia.
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Pancakes On The Rocks

Australia is known for its friendly folks, so make sure you talk to them to find some of the best places to visit while you are there. That's how I found one of my favorite...more

5 star hotels discounted in Australia and New Zealand

Hey Everyone, If traveling to Australia or New Zealand I recommend you use the website My friends and I learned about this site while we were there and it is much...more

Port Douglas

Hey Mate! Port Douglas was the best town I visited on my trip to Australia. I would recommend snorkeling with Wavelength. I couldn't believe my eyes when A turtle swam right...more

Fights new at this...but if you go to Australia try not to start fights because they will find you and hurt you haha what else of you gotta go surf and Australia is full of great...more

Save on Airline Pass

Qantas offers the Airpass which allows you to take four legs of travel within Australia, along with your international flight. Basically works out to four flights for the price of one...more

Ayers Rock

If you travel to Ayers Rock, you must do the "Sounds of Silence" dinner. You are taken to a hilltop and get to watch the sun as evening approaches and see the differing...more


Cairns is an awesome city. You shouldn't miss it. I took the Reef Magic cruise on the Great Barrier Reef, and it was amazing. I saw a humphead maori wrasse that was bigger than me...more

Whitsunday Islands are a Must-See

Make sure if you are near the Whitsunday Islands to drop by. It has some of the best snorkeling and diving with an absolutely gorgeous view. I went snorkeling there and was surrounded...more

South Coast

If you are going to be in the Sydney area do yourself a favor and head sout about 2 hours to Stanwell. It's just north of Wollongong. The view from the Sea Cliff Bridge is...more

Safety First No Matter Where You Are!

Any time you check into a hotel, no matter where you are traveling, the first thing you need to do after putting down your suitcase is walk back out into the hall and count the number...more

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