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Posted on: October 01, 2008 at 12:41AM

You really haven't seen Bangkok until you travel on the Chao Phraya River or some of the smaller canals. For a fun trip and to see some old-world charm mixed with ultra modern influence, take the BTS (Skytrain) ofra taxi to the Saphan Taksin terminal, also referred to as "Central Pier." Buy a ticket (less than a US dollar) at a desk ,if it is manned, or on the boat, and hop on an express boat for a trip up the river. There are tourist boats which cost a little more and have some narrative over the microphone (most often hard to understand, though in English and Thai), or just the regular express boats. The tourist boats are usually marked clearly. You will pass embassies, temples, the Grand palace, the Memorial Bridge and many other significant sites. There are many stops along the way where you can get off, do your thing and catch another boat back later. If your hotel is somewhere along the river, just get off there at one of the piers close by, but please start at Saphan Taksin so you don't miss all the beautiful things along the river. It is very easy to make a day of this and get off at many stops. Boats usualy run every 15 to 30 minutes. Be sure to head back to a pier by dark, as the boats stop running shortly thereafter. If you are feeling brave and want a different (and cheaper) Thai experience, grab a map and take a ride on one of the public canal taxis on the smaller canals that run eat and west. This is how many of the locals travel and is quite an experience! report a problem

Posted on: December 04, 2009 at 3:09AM

Great way to see the waterside of Bangkok.The boats that run on the canals are also a good way to get around Bangkok -you can miss all the traffic.The downside is that the canals of today are really nothing more than open sewers.

Posted on: August 13, 2009 at 9:16PM

I completely agree about seeing Bangkok by water. I skipped the tourist boats and opted only for the regular boats. The scenery is wonderful: a mix of home-made structures along the shoreline, with modern skyscrapers behind them, interspersed with the golden roofs of the temples. Quintessential Bangkok. there's a wonderful flower/produce market along the shoreline as well - get there in the morning while they're stringing together thousands of orchids into temple offerings, and bring your camera.

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