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Tailors, Bangkok

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Bad Experience.

Posted on: September 22, 2011 at 1:30AM

By Guest

I ordered 3 suits from Sonny at Excelsuits aka Excelsior Fashion House. He got the fabric totally wrong on one of the suits and the sizing was somewhat out. When I suggested I would send the incorrect suit back and have the correct Black suit sent he told me to send him an extra $250. Against my better judgement I did paid Sonny the additional money and a few weeks later I received a Brown suit... nothing like the Black suit I had now PAID FOR TWICE and yet to receive. Again I advised Sonny I will send this one back and simply wanted the black suit I had now paid him twice for. Sonny told me I would have to pay him yet another $250 to get the suit I originally ordered. I have attempted many times to have the matter resolved but Sonny just keeps asking for more and more money and refuses to admit his mistake. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!

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