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Tailors, Bangkok

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Best Tailor in Bangkok

Posted on: January 1, 2012 at 12:48AM

By Guest

Posting reviews is not really my thing. But a rather amusing thing happened on my trip to Bangkok so I decided to write it up and share. I had a few tours of a few industries and a few days after that I had a corporate meeting of immense importance to me. Talk about luck! When I landed in Bangkok and unpacked what did I see? A shampoo explosion in my luggage. Thus the only suit I had kept with me for the meeting was ruined beyond repair. I randomly tried a few tailors but they all refused sue to the limited time frame and none of the readymade stuff I saw seemed fine enough to me. So with only a few days at hand I went to crown tailors (recommended by my fellow colleague). I explained my situation to them and they promised to get my suit ready in the limited time frame I was presenting to them. And true to their word my suit was delivered plenty of hours before my meeting. I was expecting an ordinarily okay job from them, considering I had no prior experience with them and also due to the short time the suit was made in. But on trying the suit I realized that I had struck a jackpot. The suit fit perfectly and looked great. My meeting was successful and I owe a part of it to crown tailors because I wouldn’t have been able to succeed in presenting my agenda in the meeting wearing a t-shirt and slacks. So after my little accident and crown tailors being my savior I recommend them to everyone around me.

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