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Thai Home Industries, Bangkok

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great shop, need more flatware if anyone is planning on visiting (no web presence it seems...)

Posted on: January 6, 2009 at 4:54PM

By Guest

my husband and i bought as much flatware and bowls, etc. from this store over 20 years ago and still love it as much as we did then. the rangthong flatware, while a bit oversized for some westerners, always garners us comments, as does our other polished bronze pieces (plates, bowls, cocktail silverware). at the time, we did not buy chargers or mother of pearl salad plates (i know, the latter bad for ocean ecology but oh so beautiful) and we are still kicking ourselves. if you are in bangkok, a not to be missed, especially after a meal/drink at the oriental. btw, if you plan on visiting and live in the states, we would love to buy some more pieces through you if possible -- it seems the store has no web presences, alas.

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