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Tailors, Bangkok

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Posted on: October 7, 2008 at 5:17AM

by TimRalph
This is a very good tailor who can provide you with very good quality suits at very good prices. The shop is one of the few tailors where nobody is outside 'hassling' you to come inside their shop and have look. Unlike some others Excelsior doesn't offer giveaways or gimicks. What they offer and supply are great quality suits (and shirts) and good prices. Best of all they last and don't fall apart when you get home. A very friendly, professional service . The staff communicate with you very well and always inform you when things will be done for you - I was never offered a suit within 24 hours and when I explained to the staff the length of my visit they 'tailored' the service suitably. I waited for around 2 weeks before i went to phuket and then back to bangkok for the finished result and it showed on the suits and shirts I can only thank the staff for being so patient and so helpfull with the advice from asking what kind of suit, what it was for (special occassion / functional etc..) down to the choosing of the material and the style and finish of the suit. A true joy to work with them I will post pictures as and when I get a chance to wear the suits :) I bought the following 3 suits (1 x All Year / 1 x Summer / 1 x very smart formal-fashioned) 5 Shirts (some with different requirements regarding Cuffs, Neck Height, Shoulder finish) I paid 32000 Bhat (approx EURO 620) and it shows in the finished result - very nice - suits you sir !!