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Lexy Piano Bar, Holetown

Nightlife Barbados - Epic Night At Lexy

Posted on: March 4, 2013 at 5:28PM


by ExpertTraveller
Last night was EPIC, at Lexy Piano Bar & Bistro A new event was advertised as 'Gettin De Hook', a competitive 'open mic' competition. Had not a clue what we were getting ourselves in for but it was definitely one of the best nights out in my life. Had dinner out on their deck, not luxury but hey what, for the price, not complaining then; Alex Santoriello (the owner and a Broadway star), Alan Sheppard (from the Bajan top band Paparazzi) and Greg Grayson (Texan pianist and song writer) made a phenomenal team of energy and entertainment, the crowd were buzzing. Before the event Alan and Greg were jamming comfortably along, no punter budged an inch. The 'gettin de hook' competition started. A casual affair where one non-pro sang better than the next. The three finalists had the spectators on their feet. Each one as amazing as the next. Eventually the winner was chosen....'Gizzard', a rasta gentlemen who did some real incredible makeovers of Bob Marleys hits. No time for slacking. Immediately after the winner was announced the three stars (Alex, Alan and Greg) sang everyone's favourites and the atmosphere was ALIVE way into the early hours. The event is advertised as to continue every Sunday at 8pm (way into the early hours) until the big prize night on 21st April, 2013. It was made known that Tuesday through to Sunday Grey Gregson will be playing live at Lexy Piano Bar & Bistro for the month of March, 2013. The place attracts an over 30 age group, ideal for us. People tend to dress up a little, not over the top, lets say casual smart. There is no entrance fee. We shall return!!