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Cal Pep, Barcelona

prev American convention but soooo good

Posted on: December 3, 2009 at 7:51PM


by ellenha
Be prepared - *Americans*. I have to admit I was disappointed and felt like a bit of a tool as we were seated next to a group of Texans (we were in the back at a table) and across from a group from Boston. But after a couple rounds of tapas that was DELICIOUS, I stopped caring. We let them do the ordering/picking didnt look at menus at all. I'm not sure if that's the rule in the back or what. There were 14 rounds - no joke - some small and some substantial (like garlic filet mignon and potatoes, oh my). Almost all were seafood. Our bill was 150E for three people including beer and wine. I think that's actually quite reasonable - we had a TON of delectible food. (at Gaig we got much less food that wasnt any better, though obviously much fancier and very different, for over three times as much). I think I might have preferred to sit out front at the bar, though the problem there is that people waiting for a seats are standing behind you hovering - a bit stressful. For that reason, my friends were thrilled to be in the back. But I think there might have a European or two (at least a Brit?) out front to make me feel a little less goofy :)