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Sitges, Sitges

Relaxed Frenzy

Posted on: March 14, 2010 at 1:16PM

by SwampeastMike
Sitges bills itself as the gay mecca of the Mediterranean. Surrounding moutains provide for a nearly perfect, year-round microclimate that is rarely too hot or too cold. It is presently a "hot spot" with many expats (especially British and Italian) who have chosen Sitges an ideal place to conduct business during the high season and relax during the winter. Even for a tourist town, there is an amazing quantity and variety of places to shop, eat and drink. The narrow, hilly and twisting streets are quite confusing. While there is much effort to keep the streets clean, most residents have dogs and with no open areas to walk them, watch where you walk! This is a hard-partying town that takes nearly any excuse for an impromptu festival that will continue in the streets until sunrise. Locals and visitors alike are extremely open-minded and tolerant and are fond of saying, "Leave any attitude at home." There are many art galleries where you do stand a chance of finding a true bargain by an unknown, starving artist. The relaxed, tolerant nature of Sitges is well explained by the fact that the official gay beach is immediately adjacent to a public children's playground.