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Hotel Côté Cour S.L., Beijing 

prev The worst boutique hotel in the world perhaps?

Posted on: April 26, 2010 at 9:20PM


by hhinhk
As an avid traveller I can honestly say I have never been so disappointed in accommodation anywhere else in the world. Not only was Hotel Cote Cour recommended on the Conde Nast website, but also in the Luxe guide to Beijing. Usually these two combined mean you are guaranteed a peasant stay wherever you are. This hotel is neither boutique or luxury, it is simply run down, over priced, and seemingly run by teenagers who have neither the inclination or ability to offer any service to guests. The curtains in our "deluxe room" were coming off the rails, the bathroom had no taps to run the bath. We were provided with two postage-stamp sized towels which were changed once a day, and the staff were perplexed when we asked for more. The temperature in Beijing plummeted to 6 degrees when we were there and the concrete room was freezing, but we were informed that as it was Spring the heating had been turned off. It took us 3 days of pleading to have any heating in the building turned on. We asked reception to call us a taxi to take us to dinner but as it was raining we were told we couldn't get one. We asked them to book one for later, but they didnt know how. We would have considered staying in had there been heating or a kitchen to prepare us food, but as it was we had to walk 30 mins in the rain to The Grand Hyatt to eat. We were VERY tempted to book a room there instead when we arrived, however given how expensive Hotel Cote Cour is we just couldn't justify the additional $250USD. In short this hotel was DREADFUL and the worst we have stayed in. Not only would I not recommend it to others, I will be emailing them my comments and asking for it to be taken out of the Luxe Guide, and off this website so that other guests don't fall prey to it.