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Newstead Belmont Hills Resort & Spa, Paget

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I loved the onld, and love the new one

Posted on: April 13, 2010 at 6:52PM

By Guest

We had been clients of the old Newstead for over 30 years, and loved the ambiance and the harbor view. It was a disappointment when it closed, but we thought we would give the new one a try. The new hotel isn't the same, but is terrific in its own way. The suite accomodations are first rate, the staff friendly, and the harbor view still very enjoyable. We have stayed at ocean view and ocean front hotels in Bermuda in the past three years, and got really bored just looking at waves coming in constantly. I miss the old Bermuda, where the men wore coats and ties for dinner, and the women wore long dresses. Those days are gone, and wouldn't appeal to today's clientel, but they were charming times, which I will always remember fondly. If I get remarried later this year (I was recently widowed), this spot would be my very first choice. I love Bermuda, and call it "the most civilized spot on earth." There is nothing like riding or walking down the narrow lanes and being assulted by the aroma of Oleander and Hibiscus, or wandering though the shops in Hamilton and St. Georges.. The restaurant "BLU" at the Belmont was ideal for my taste. I especially was impressed by the variety of menu items. Some nights, we just prefer a light supper, and the menu has burgers and pizza on it. If we are in the mood for more elegant fare, that is also available. I was very impressed with the varierty, as well as the food. I'm getting a little old for Mopeds, and that really hurts. There is nothing like the freedom they offer. What the Hell, maybe I'll try them one more time! They are the essence of Bermuda.

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