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Brazil User Posts + Reviews

Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Brazil.
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Local custom on bills in clubs and restaurants

If you go to a restaurant or club that gives you a paper ticket or plastic card to charge your drinks on...DO NOT LOSE IT or they will charge you the maximum amount just to...more

magic words

"outro dia"- The magic words to say if someone is selling something that you have no interest in buying. They will smile and leave you in peace   more

user review | See + Do: Hang Gliding in Rio, Rio de Janeiro

Hang Gliding

I highly recommend taking the time to try Hang Gliding in Rio. The scenery is unbelievable and the instructors are relaxed and fun. I know that some might be terrified of this type of...more


Be sure to take the guided tour through the favelas to see "the other side to Rio." It's an eye opening experience!   more

Bom dia

You'll be amazed what a few words spoken in Portuguese can do for your trip in Rio de Janeiro. From saying a simple, "Oi, como vai?" or asking a merchant, "Quanto...more


No matter where you travel in the world today it is best to blend in. Don't where a shirt which is written in english or has American landmarks, you might as well say "Hello,...more

user review | Eating: Miam Miam, Rio de Janeiro

the best you can get

I have to say it's one of that places you can't forget about.The food is marvellous and service also, even on busy nights.A must-go in Rio. And I am a native. A "carioca...more

user review | See + Do: Beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro

Rio (and Brasil) beautiful but scary.

Brasil and the Brazilian people are wonderful. You do a grave disservice in suggesting that travelers go there without addressing the very serious security concerns in most places in...more

Take a day trip

On a gorgeous day we chartered a little sailboat and saw Guanabara Bay from a different perspective. It was so gorgeous seeing Ipanema from the water. There are also parts of the bay...more

fake wallet

one way to reduce your exposure to theft and robery in Rio (we met some there that said it's not if it will happen, but when) is to carry some cash and a credit card if different...more

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