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Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Brazil.
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Is your suitcase too full to pack those souvenirs?

On a trip to Rio de Janeiro, I was planning on bringing back special souvenirs to friends, family, and for myself. I wanted to get things that were unique to the area, not just your...more


Be sure to take the cogwheel train to the top of Corcavado. The views are great.   more


Be sure to visit a Brazilian Bar-B-Que, i.e. a churascuria. Unlimited cuts of meat, cut right from the skewers. Delicioso.   more

Carnaval - Fat Tuesday, Brazilian style

I spent a week in Rio in my early twenties during Carnaval. It was like New Orleans on steroids. This is THE trip to take when you’re young, single, and fearless.You'll prolly...more

user review | Hotel: Orla Copacabana Hotel, Rio de Janeiro

Tiny rooms, but nice hotel

I had been at the Orla on June/08, the view was great from the terrace, you can take beautiful pictures from there. Its really near from Ipanema, around 5 or 6 blocks . You can hire a...more

The most magical rio spots

The Parque Lage. It's a jungle, literally, in the middle of the city. Walk into this park full of lush, Atlantic rainforest foliage and trees that form the tip of the Floresta da...more

Traveling to Brazil

I was hoping to gain some insider feedback from anyone who has recently visited Brazil. I'm looking to plan a trip in the next year or so. Any guidance on what airlines are the...more

New Friends

The beach is the perfect setting to make new friends, and find out what is going on. Go to Farme Gay in Ipanema, a little to the east of cross-street Farme de Amoedo. This spot...more

fake wallet

one way to reduce your exposure to theft and robery in Rio (we met some there that said it's not if it will happen, but when) is to carry some cash and a credit card if different...more

Take a day trip

On a gorgeous day we chartered a little sailboat and saw Guanabara Bay from a different perspective. It was so gorgeous seeing Ipanema from the water. There are also parts of the bay...more

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