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Peter Island Resort & Spa, Peter Island

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Not so Good for couples any longer

Posted on: October 27, 2009 at 12:44PM

By Guest

It's not my first time to Peter Island, it's change a lot along the years, some for good and some for bad. The only thing that has not change is the wonderful , passionate staff members. Will be back, not because the facilities, because of the hard working individual that Peter Island has. It's like having the money to buy everything you want in life, but if it can't buy you happiness, money is not good. Peter Island has beautiful beaches, and beautiful views, the facility needs a bit of a make-up, but one thing it has is the beautiful , hardworking staff members, what good does it do if Peter Island has beautiful beaches, but an horrible staff. It's not the case with Peter Island, it does have the wonderful staff members, and I would go back because of them. My last experience was not so good, lack of water, lack of very, very slow services and too many kids for my taste, being a Honey moon or a couples retreat, should have kids running around, we want to get away from our kids. It's change a lot. Think twice before going to Peter Island, make sure it has water, make sure every thing is working properly. Before booking, one things if you do go, please make sure you visit the Beautiful Spa, it's amazing.

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