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Peter Luger, Brooklyn

Been There? Oh Yes!

Posted on: June 16, 2012 at 4:06PM

by onefoxylady
Peter Lugers made an indelible mark on my life and many of our friends and family from around the world. Have I been there? Yes but not since the early 60's when I worked for a Williamsburg Women's Wear Manufacturer on White Street where about once a month the owners, Jules, Manny and Jack Boykoff would pick up Buyers from stores like Filene's of Boston, Saks Fifth Ave, Lord and Taylor, Julius Garfinkel and other wonderful stores by sending "Carey Cadillac" to pcik them up from their Midtown Stores or from the airport where they came to see the fashionable Suits designed and manufactured by the Boyfoff Brothers and I had the privilege of modeling suits for the Top Level buyers from around the US as they placed their orders for the next season. Peter Luger's was always the Restaurant of choice and usually the food would be ordered and delivered to the showrooms where I worked. It was always Sliced Steak sandwiches on a wonderful rye bread and platters of thick sliced tomatoes and onions drizzled with Olive oil and a little vinegar. I can still remember soaking the rye bread in the steak juices and olive oil and vinegar and then staking the sliced steak and tomatoes and onions on as a mile high sandwich. The sandwiches in those days, the early 60's was $3.00 each. I can only imagine what they are today. When I married and we entertained friends frequently, I would reproduce those wonderful sandwiches for our friends and family and I did that for years until we moved from Brooklyn to Florida, but we still made those sandwiches for our selves and our family. Occasionally we will have friends visit us from days gone by and often one of the first things they ask me is "Do you still make those wonderful steak sandwiches?" And of course I do. Thank you Peter Luger for providing one of the life long pleasures our family has had as we hold that recipe in our hearts and claim it as our own although we do always give credit to the original source - Peter Lugers Steak House In Brooklyn NY. We are so glad that we are not the only ones who continue to enjoy the wonderful food and so glad that you have remained intact to serve future generations where they too can create wonderful memories. Thank You! Robbie andPhil Bracco