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Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Buenos Aires.
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customized photo to gift bobblehead t shirt paitings photo to gift bobblehead t shirt paitingsdo you looking for a unique gift idea? Our personalized and custom photo gifts very good for any...more

Leather goods store

Every time I go to Buenos Aires I shop at Prune in the Alto Palermo Shopping Mall. Great leather bags, shoes and jackets at very reasonable prices. Each item comes with authentication...more

Local designer shopping

Go to Palermo Viejo on the weekends for outdoor markets. Great place to pick up clothes by local designers without spending a lot of money.   more

Great city, but forget the hotels...

rent a condo instead. You'll have you're own kitchen and save a TON of money. We've been to Buenos Aires twice for two weeks each time. Check out our...more

Buenos Aires

re shopping in b.a., i recommend:1. Peter Kent. leather bags. there are 3 locations.the biggest is in recoleta at the corner of arenales and libertad. there is also one in the paseo...more

A few Buenos Aires goodies to share...

Buenos Aires is a jewel that has yet to be really discovered. During our 4 day stay in BA, we lodged at the Mariott Plaza Hotel at Plaza San Martin, which is at the foot of the...more

For serious leather shopping in BA

BA is known for the leather. Overall I was not that impressed by the quality & prices until I met a local who said to go to 666 Murillo. He even wouldn't tell me what it was...more


This wonderful store located in the Promenade Alvear has uniques & chic handcraft with a native concept . 100 % handmade, airedelsur works with alpaca silver and many others...more

avenida de florida

you have to come here if your goin to spend money in buenos aires. trust you will spend money here too. and dont be afraid to haggle the price down. the store owners see you have money...more

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