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When in Cairo, do as Cairenes do.

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Posted on: September 05, 2009 at 8:03PM

Visiting Cairo is, for many of us, akin to walking through the pages of our history textbooks. With the many sites to see in the city, from the Pyramids of Giza to Islamic Cairo, oddly enough itís the simplest of steps in getting from point to point that warrants the most attention. Crossing the street in several places in Cairo is much like playing a game of double-dutch, one that can both paralyze and create an intense adrenaline rush. Donít worry, itís normal to hesitate before putting your toes on the asphalt but here are three tips to get safely from one side to the next. (1) Do NOT follow the lead of other tourists. Youíll already be on edge as you watch drivers recklessly maneuver within five-foot spaces so donít trust your life to an amateur. Instead, align yourself with the common man in the street (the true Cairo regular). Stand to his or her right and when they cross, you cross as their shadow, using them as a buffer for any mishaps. Relax Ė they wonít get hit. Theyíve been training for years. (2) Do not expect to see crosswalks or anticipate that lights at an intersection will give you any indication of traffic flow. In fact, it seems that traffic lights often serve as an aesthetic luxury in Cairo. Cars can come from any direction so keep your wits about you. (3) Finally, do not panic if (and when) someone honks at you. In Cairo, if youíre not honking, youíre not breathing. Itís just a part of life. Easy enough, no? Make this skill part of your repertoire and this bit of madness will become a part of Cairoís charm. report a problem

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