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Teach you how to spend summer pleasurably

By Guest
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Posted on: October 18, 2012 at 10:35PM

<p>In fact, pregnant woman can also be slovenly, after pregnancy, they do not have to wear a big and loose-fitting clothing to conceal deformation figure. Pregnancy is a wonderful and happy thing, a pregnant female can still bright, maintains the style of the formation of prior to pregnancy, continue to select your favorite novel and unique fabric and fashion design elements. <p>When the heat of summer comes, pregnant Mummy can unload long sleeve long gown, wear clean, light and bright summer maternity clothes, happily walked around quite a paunch. Of course, for the pregnant Mommy, select maternity dresses, one is comfortable, lightweight, the second principle is easy to take off and the moisture wicking properties is good, the third principle is the fashion, beauty, never vice versa. <p>First, when the pregnant Mummy chooses maternity clothes in the summer, best the principle is comfortable, relaxed and clean. As the month of pregnancy increases, pregnant woman body shape changes, actions become awkward, choosing a comfortable maternity cloth don't give you additional burdens. <p>Secondly, the pregnant Mommy is easy to sweat in summer, choosing maternity clothes should wear off and clean easily, good sweat absorption properties of clothing and fabric and pure cotton clothing is best. You can also choose lightweight linen, silk, chiffon and other natural materials, comfortable portable, good ventilation, even after skin contact with pregnant Mommy does not cause allergies. <p>Third, with the basis of the first two principles, pregnant Mommy uses some time can be beautiful, fashion and beauty should have in place. Maternity clothes now does not seem to be as single as before, basically divided into pregnant women skirt suit article and pregnant women, often designed both the workplace, not bloated, lazy, instead of people's eyes light up. <p>Selecting the base style of <a href=""> fashion pregnancy dress </a>, and then matching chic fashion items light up the entire dress up is the best combination for pregnant Mommy. If you selected pregnant women suit, jacket optional Princess sleeves, bubble sleeves, Ruffles, waves this season, such as popular elements, with ribbons, lace, decorative, both the trend and very cool, elegant; trousers in a compact and lightweight. <p>If you select maternity dresses, you can select the Korean high-waist skirts and pettiskirt, looks lovely Western style. It is best to select skirts steradian, like chest and abdomen pleated dress, taking caution when buying rides up long enough, usually after predecessor than 2.5 cm in length, so that the look is comfortable and beautiful. <p>From the color, maternity clothes pleasing soft is a good choice of color, such as white, pink, Apple green, and now summer is pale yellow, light pink, blue fresh water color for the melody, the melody as beautiful music, pregnant Mommy dressed in the simplicity of adding some soft and pleasant. <p>Remember that pregnancy is not relax entering the paradise of comfort and ignore the image, this summer, just choose the right maternity clothes, you will be more elegant and clean, perfect experience fashion and to be a beautiful pregnant women. <p>In addition, we should consider the nature of the work of pregnant Mommy and radiation environment around. If the radiation is very strong, it is recommended that select radiation protection waistcoat and <a href=" "> anti radiation pants </a>, do this to themselves and have the most powerful protection of the fetus in abdominal; if the radiation is weak (if there is no access to computers and had little contact with other appliances), you can choose radiation bellyband. Pregnant Mommy even in the case of weak radiation source around it, more than three months pregnant is also recommended that you choose a radiation protection waistcoat, thus better protecting the health of fetuses. report a problem

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