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Apple Pan, Los Angeles, California

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Go somewhere else for your burger and fries...

Posted on: December 24, 2008 at 5:55AM


by Conciergeesq
I just ate at the Apple Pan on Pico in Los Angeles tonight, and yes the burger and fries were very good—not the best—but very good, but they will NEVER see my George Washington’s again and here is why: A single patty basic hamburger, size no greater than the single at In & Out Burger or a single at Wendy’s or McDonalds that only comes with lettuce, pickles, mayo and their sauce costs $6.50! I added small fries to that for $2.20 and no drink, no cheese and nothing else—came to an unreasonable $9.30 with tax, not including a tip for the gruff service. After I left, I felt that I was really taken, or as my mother would say, “they have some nerve!” This Apple Pan hamburger and fries tastes just the same and not better than the one at In & Out Burger all over California and if you go there—the same exact single burger and fries would cost you less than $3.50! Now folks, please keep these other things in mind. Add a slice of cheese: $60 cents and a drink: $ 1.75 and you will walk out of there paying $12.00 for a thin fried burger, small fries and a drink. Still hungry—order their Apple Pie Slice: $5.00 a slice. Now, $5.00 is not bad for a nice sized slice with chucks of apples, but not the small 3-4 fork serving that they give you there. Now your bill is up to almost $18.00 with tax, and no tip. $20.00 for one person to have a complete hamburger meal at this place: As my mother would say again: “They have some nerve!” But folks--It gets worse—there are NO TOMATOES. (In & out on the 1.75 burger has a tomato or two.) I ask the waiter who says, “use the sauce.” There are some places that have been around for a very long time that regularly attract the locals that grew up there and went there with dad and now they take their children, but whose value is now diminished or non-existent. Apple Pan is one of them. Go somewhere else unless you have a lot of money to burn or want to walk away hungry—there is nothing memorable about this place except how you paid 3x the price for a fast food hamburger and how they are probably still laughing at you.