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Carneros Inn, Carneros 

prev odd layout but lovely

Posted on: September 27, 2009 at 11:49AM

by ellenha
I am long overdue in writing my review, but I think I remember everything clearly enough to be accurate.... Our general feelings about our stay at the CI were positive, and I think we'll end up going back, but we're not dieing to, if you know what I mean. The property is huge, and the layout is more than a little odd. I felt like I was in a very luxurious camp - little cabins dotting "courtyards and plazas" and a lot of them - we got very lost more than a few times. The pools seemed miles away; actually everything seemed miles away except our neighbors. How could a place be so big but not feel private? Somehow it manages to be so, unfortunately. And we were there in the fall (nov 08) when it wasn't very crowded. I fear what it would like in the summer. But in fairness it was POURING when we were there, which did make it harder to navigate and made distances seem larger. Our room was very nice - we had an outdoor deck/patio that was a little strangely conceived - walled in for privacy but small enough that I'm not sure what you'd want to do out there - no views cuz of the walls etc. I would have loved to have that space included in the relatively small bedroom. The bathroom was huge and lovely, and the linens were yummy. As was the fireplace - cozy! Perfect for the rain. Speaking of yummy - oh my goodness - the Boon Fly Cafe - breakfast place at the edge of the property - to die for - might be where I'd go for my last breakfast on earth if given the choice. "Farm", the main restaurant is absolutely lovely and very fun - I didn't love the food, but loved our evening there, and liked the food just fine. We had lunch at "Market" up by reception (seemingly miles from "Farm") and it was decent - service was a little challenged, but food was tasty. All in all we had a great time - it will remain in the rotation.