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Zazu Restaurant & Farm, Santa Rosa

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Great Food and Service - Not a good dining experience

Posted on: June 26, 2011 at 1:50PM

By Guest

Great Food and Service - But Very Noisy Dining Experience” Saturday night is for amateurs at this very popular restaurant. On Saturday, June 25th my husband and I joined two of our friends for a 50th birthday celebration. The service and food was excellent. The restaurant was very busy and it was our bad luck to be seated next to a table of 6, very noisy and probably very drunk people. The way the wine bottles were going, they must've had 2 bottles of wine each. Another couple came in and was seated across from them, they stayed a few minutes and left because of the noise. We had to shout at each other to be heard and two more 4 tops around us complained. The manager did have some words with them. I think the manager should have stopped serving them alcohol. The waitresses looked very concerned that other patrons were going to leave. That said, we would not go back on another Saturday. With wooden low ceilings and no soft textures in the rooms, it is going to noisy. With food that good and that pricey, there should be a wonderful dining experience to go along with it. Not the case here!

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