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Save For Later

Cyrus, Healdsburg

prev Well below expectations

Posted on: June 15, 2009 at 11:09PM

by acasal
Enormously disappointing given the reputation and sky-high prices. We arrived 30 mins early and were unceremoniously dumped at a bar where we were mostly ignored for the following 45 minutes. Got our table 20 mins past reservation time only because we made a stink. The highlight of the meal was the caviar service, which was served with tasty grit and potato fritters. Everything else was a disappointment to one degree or another, but the wine pairings were much more than a disappointment--they were shockingly off-key. A cliched glass of sake with the sashimi starter overwhelmed just about everything else we tasted the rest of the night. That nearly all retail for $30-40 (5 half-glass pairing for two: $140) would grate less if any had been any good. This is a restaurant so smugly satisfied with the reputation they have built among boozed-up high rollers that they're glad to just keep taking the money and running. I've been to only a handful of comparably-priced places (Arzak in San Sebastian, Cafe Boulud in NYC, Joel Robuchon in Paris, Chez Panisse in Berkeley) but all tower over Cyrus. You wonder what makes them think they can get away with it...