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King Pacific Lodge, Princess Royal Island

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At their best when things were at their worst!

Posted on: October 27, 2011 at 12:54AM

By Guest

There are occasions when a tourism property goes well beyond expectations and duty. I had to be evacuated from King Pacific Lodge in September due to unprecedented winds topping weather station readings at 78 knots. The professional and calm manner in which the staff handled the evacuation was extraordinary. Transforming this truly luxury property (and I have been to most of them in the world) into a safe platform of evacuation was something the staff clearly would not have asked for, but were certainly qualified to carry out. And kudos to BC Ferries for helping out! While most of the guests were able to maintain their good humor and composure, there were some who exhibited shocking behavior. One couple suggested that this that this act-of-god misfortune was an opportunity for extra compensation. I know that as a guest, I am immune to accusations of outrageous and inappropriate behavior levied by a hotel. As such, it falls to other guests to call it ourselves when we see it. King Pacific's staff and management exhibited the what it is to be at your best when things are at their worst--a lesson for all of us.

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