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King Pacific Lodge, Princess Royal Island

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Posted on: November 6, 2011 at 4:07PM

By Guest

Had a great stay ! The very first outing we did our boat was surrounded by about 30 whales jumping and feeding in the dark waters between the islands. They did something called bubblenet feeding amazing to watch so close up with schools of little swarm fish all around them. Apparently they do that to fatten up in late summer before they swim on to Hawaii. And the next day we had sea lions and otters catching salmon in front of the waterfall right next to the side balcony. Fab. Only drawback: No swimming in the bay the water is way too cold. But the hot tub with the view over the bay is an excellent option. The Lodge was really a place out of this world literally if you consider how far away from all civilization they are. Amazing how they manage to run a first rate luxury place in such a remote location. Food, wine, service: to stay there really is a treat.

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