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Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Canada.
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My Montreal

To see the beauty of Montreal, you must go in mid to late September. The humidity is gone and so are the summer crowds. You are left with a crisp smell of fall in the air, great colours...more


If you're planning a trip to Whistler, whether it is High or Low Season, I definitely recommend checking website. Great Last Minute Deals and also for early...more

user review | Shop: Boutique Sachem, Québec City

Shopping St Catherines Street

Luckly the opportunity arose that I was suddenly fulfilling one of my dreams and that was shopping St Catherines Street in Montreal. Even though I had shopped so much my feet were...more

Dining in Montreal

You must go to La Brioche Lyonnaise, 1593 rue St-Denis, for a meal. The food is outstanding, prepared fresh on site every day. And the prices are very reasonable. You can eat inside, in...more

Traveling Tip Contest

Before traveling anywhere period. Always make sure you have a list and you check it 3 times before you leave. Each person should always bring a list of what they're bringing with...more

Exercising on the road

Do you feel as though you just can't leave the gym at home? Desire to continue your work out regime and yet still go on vacation.My sollution is this. Get a hold of three different...more

Whistler bound

If you are planning a trip up to Whistler Canada do not rent a car and drive, the construction is horrible, Take a bus from the airport or rent a limo, if you can fly with Whistler Air...more

Free concert series in the Richard Bradshaw Amphitheatre in Toronto

It's noon in downtown Toronto and you have just run out of serious money but you crave some of the Arts just the same. No problem. Just head on over to the spectacular Four Seasons...more

Head for the Toronto Islands for pure bliss & contentment

Like a little bliss with your high-octane city excitement? Just take a ferry boat from the Toronto ferry docks (Bay Street Toronto city bus south from Bloor & Yonge streets to the...more

Bruce Peninsula-A Great Lakes Rustic Gem

The Bruce peninsula captured my heart. An easy drive north west of Toronto lies the Bruce Peninsula. At its tip is a national park-an underwater national park with visible shipwrecks...more

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