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Island Lake Lodge, Fernie

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Stay away

Posted on: June 29, 2012 at 2:25AM

By Guest

I just came home from a Photography workshop at Island Lake Lodge. It was the worst experience I have ever had at a hotel! The workshop was excellent and the instructors were very accommodating. Most of the staff at ILL had an 'attitude'. Riley, at the desk, and our waitress, Ali, at the wine tasting dinner, were the exception. Meals were late, when the food did start to arrive we did not all get served at the same time, coffee for a group of 16 came three at a time and we had to constantly ask for cream, sugar and a spoon. I was put into a guest room in the basement which really felt like the basement, with a low ceiling, very dim light, three nails in the walls with no pictures AND the bed had not been changed since the last guest!  How gross!!!  There were two beds so I slept in the other which I THINK had been changed. There was no screen on the window therefore I kept it closed  to keep  straying rodents out of my room. Meals for the group continued to be a problem....always taking much longer than need be. Breakfast on the second day took almost 2 hours! I spoke with the CEO and Mike McPhee, Director of Sales..  Excuses such as, We just opened for the season on June 16th.  We have new staff, We are short staffed today,  were made, but I say .....train your staff, have senior staff helping the new staff,  have a back up plan when staff phone in sick, have a manager on site all the time and have more than one staff member at the lodge over night. When I told the CEO about the dirty bed, his response was, "Well at least you had another bed to sleep in,"  I was offered another room and  was compensated for my troubles, but while visiting  the town of Fernie on my way home, I was approached by Mike, on the main street, and questioned about my over compensation!!!  Can you believe it???!!! How unprofessional!!! Because of management and staff attitude I will not return to Island Lake Lodge and I will not recommend it to anyone. Stay away!

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