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Chatham Bars Inn, Chatham

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"Worse service ever"

Posted on: September 3, 2011 at 3:49PM

By Guest

Let me tell you why my first trip to Chatham Bars Inn was a total disaster. I have been working in the hospitality industry for 15 years and with many luxury chains. I was staying at the Cape with my fiancée due to my illness. He decided to surprise me and wanted to take me to Chatham Bars Inn as it was suppose to be a romantic place and it was also my 1st visit. We arrived at the bar outside as it was a lovely evening, and it was rather quiet. There were several bar stools empty but the bar itself had many empty glasses unclear from previous guests and the bartender Zach neglected to clear the entire time we were sitting at the bar. While we were waiting for our drinks; my fiancée picked up 2 small squares of pizza from the buffet behind, they were less than 2 inches each, the bar tender Zach started yelling at us saying that "we are not allowed to touch the food behind and we have to pay for it" We were very surprised that he actually yelled at us and did not speak to us at all in a polite appropriate manner and defiantly not in a discrete way. My fiancée immediately apologized and told Zach the bartender that he was totally willing to pay. Zach then proceeded on calling the asst. food and beverage manager Jared, who decided to insult us even more and louder, so all the other customers could hear him. He was extremely disrespectful and did not care about treating his guest with respect. He wanted us firstly; to apologies to the bartender, then pay for the drinks and the 2 tiny squares of pizza and wanted us to leave immediately. I was so embarrassed and could not believe my ears how he was talking to my fiancée and decided to interfere in this conversation. I politely told Jared to stop yelling and be courteous as we had never disrespected anyone and we had never declined to pay for anything. After several minutes of Jared being mean and completely disrespectful, he decided to back off. We decided to pay and leave immediately. He then said that the "pizza is complementary" We were appalled and I decided to contact the general manager of the hotel Paul Zuest. I wanted him to know that it was my 1st experience at this property, I was in the hospital the day before due to my illness and that his staff had ruined my day, we drove an hour and a half that day to enjoy ourselves, we had also planned to stay the following weekend with friends. To my surprise, I was told by the general manager of the hotel that he supports his staff and believes both parties are at fault. He also said that "the customer is not always right" I was beyond shocked as I would never in a million years say something to a guest like this. He then said that he will advise his staff to" behave" and that we should come back so we can hopefully have a better experience. This attitude and arrogance was so shocking to me, it made me feel that if this is customer service, then I have been wrong for all these years. Let me assure you dear readers; I am so disappointed with the comments of the general manager and his team, it makes me wonder if they actually believe in making guests happy and creating an experience or it’s all about revenue. I will be sure to make every single person I encounter know about my experience and the embracement hey have caused us.

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