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Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Capri.
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Blue Grotto private boat (Pt 2)

Can't agre more with the suggestion to get a private boat- even see if ou can rent professional quality photographic gear at hotel or photo shop in town for the once in a lifetime...more

Great food and beautiful walk...

If you're looking for a great meal in Capri and a way to enjoy the beautiful vistas that the island has to offer all in a day's time, start your night out at a local's...more

Do not miss Anacapri

Haveing been to Capri twice, I can certainly say that Anacapri is by far my favorite part of the island. While Capri certainly has it's charm and is a must see, Anacapri features...more


Be Sure to take the open-air taxi to Anacapri, the town above Capri. It's quieter, very beautiful... good restaurants, shopping. Seemed a little cheaper and definitely more...more

Blue Grotto

The best decision we made when visiting Capri on our honeymoon was to skip the group trip to the grotto and hire a private boat. For not much more money we got a private tour of the...more

Blue Grotto

Do not miss the Blue Grotto when you go to Capri. Check the time of the tides to see when the boats can go in. It is an unforgettable experience. Enjoy it to the fullest.   more

user review | Eating: Verginiello, Capri Town

Great Food Great Price

Do not expect glamour here at this marvellous institution.The last time we went it was the Rolex Cup.The sad English and Americans were round the corner at some tourist place those in...more

user review | Hotel: Hotel Caesar Augustus, Anacapri

Food at the Caeasr Augustus

I am always hesitant about hotel dining however this does not apply at the Caesar Augustus-it really is quite delicious.The comment about standard pasta dishes-is there such a thing in...more

A Word to the Hungry

I visited Capri in November one year, so Iím unsure if my experience is typical year-round. But for those traveling anytime soon, be forewarned that in the evening, most restaurants...more


When dining late in the evening you'll notice all the shops are open and filled with unique tapestries, original oil paintings, and terrific ceramic pottery. Instead of carrying it...more

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