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Flying Fish Grill, Carmel-by-the-Sea

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Unbelieveble attention to detail and service :)

Posted on: August 10, 2011 at 3:38AM

By Guest

When my wife and I arrived to Carmel it was a bit late, around 8:30 pm, we were hungry, a bit tired and in the mood for some really good food... I logged on to check on the local recomendations for a good dining spot and we decided to head out for Asian... When I called The Flying Fish Grill it was a little over past 9:00 pm and the guy that answerd the phone (who's name was Rich) said to me: "we usually stop sitting down our guests at 9:00 o'clock, but tell me, were are you now?", I replyed to him that I was just getting out of my hotel room and that I could be in the restaurant in around 10 minutes, by that time it was almost 9:15, and to my surpirse he said to me: "we'll be more than happy to wait for you sir...", which actually took me by surprise, since most restaurant employees just want their shift to end so that they can get back home... So, we headed out to the Flying Fish Grill and in a couple of minutes I recieved a call from Rich (who got my number from the caller ID from the restaurant when I had called before), and was checking on me to make sure I was following the right directions sin GPS' don't work so well in Carmel (when you visit make sure to ask why, it's kindda funny actually), and when we arrived to the restaurant he was wating for us at street level to make sure we didn't get lost and received us in a very friendly and hospitable manner. He scorted us to our seats and was in the best of moods and the attention thst we recieved from him, and from the rest of the staff was just AMAZING!!! After a lot of thinking on what we were going to order we deceided to have the deep fried oysters (best ones I've ever had, and the night before I had some at a Micheline Star restaurant in Napa), the steamed artichoke, a wonderful spicy tuna tartar and an almond crusted fillet of sea bass that was just out of this world... The food was awesome and the service unbelieveble, so, if you're ever in Carmel, The Flying Fish Grill is a MUST DO by my standards. Five Stars in my book!!!

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