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227 Rentals, Charleston, S.C. - Beware!

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Posted on: May 14, 2011 at 9:45PM

Be aware when inquiring about a rental property at 227 Rentals, Charleston, S.C. My friend and I rented a house from this property company on 79B Spring Street, and was very disappointed. The information on their website,, is very misleading and should be reviewed carefully. With respect to this specific property, 79B Spring Street, It was grossly misrepresented. The customer service was unacceptable from Kevin High when we confronted him about our concerns. This property has been renovated to accommodate two or three rental units of which the 79B entrance is located in the back of the house. We notified Kevin our arrival would be late in the evening. You would thought they could of left a porch light on given we were not familiar with this property layout but they did not. Upon entering the house, it looked nothing like the website and in fact had not been maintained very well. I get and understand this property was an older home, but I did not expect the following: 1. Stains on the comforters in both bedrooms 2. Very worn living room furniture 3. Holes in the sheets in one bedroom along with a long dark hair upon pulling back the cover sheet 4. Holes in the floor in the front bedroom covered up by a throw rug 5. Toilet flushing handle broke (could not even put the toilet paper on the toilet paper holder) 6. Back yard consisted of a small grassy space facing the back of the house with a rusty table and chairs – promoted on web site as a great back yard…… 7. Disruptive noise from the other rental units until 3:00AM in the morning The biggest disappointment was the location itself. In my perspective it was in a very questionable neighborhood for two women visiting Charleston and not familiar with the area. Kevin was very insensitive to this concern and suggested that nobody, who has rented this property, has ever been hurt. Not quite sure if that statement was suppose to make us feel more at ease……it did not! We had made the decision the night of our arrival to seek other accommodations the next morning. However, we needed to called Kevin to express our concerns. I was met with a very defensive attitude and made to feel as if I had no right to express my opinion or concerns. He did send over his business partner who also presented the same attitude to try and remedy the situation. Frankly, it made it worst. I requested a partial refund given I believe we were mislead by the website and subsequent emails discussions prior to our arrival. This request was ignored and they never responded So renter….. BEWARE! report a problem

Posted on: November 02, 2012 at 7:55AM

Buyer Beware!!! I stayed at 154A Spring Street from October 29-31 2012. I paid over $1,000.00 for 4 people for 3 nights, all in advance of arriving as required. For the first 24 hours there was no heat. The first night I slept fully clothed with a down vest and was very cold. Two of the beds had down comforters, mine did not. I left a message on Christina's voice mail at 8:30pm and received no return call. At 8:30am I spoke with Kevin and was told it must have been my inability to to use the thermostat, although as he demonstrated for me, Kevin has the ability to see and control the thermostat remotely with his computer. Twenty four hours later I was told by the repair man that the fuel to the unit had never been turned on when it was installed so there was no way it could have worked. I contacted Kevin asking for a partial refund for the first night since I had not received what I had paid for. The only response I got was "I never received a call from you until the morning when you called me". No apology, and no further communication despite my effort. It seems reasonable to assume the basic amenities of heat, lights, and water would have been checked and found to be in working order before a unit was rented to a guest. I can't imagine being treated in a similar way had I been staying at a hotel. Additionally, the third night was Halloween and there was an outdoor party with a band 2 houses away. There were literally hundreds of people with the volume of music being more equivalent to a concert than a house party. I'm guessing this happens with some frequency since our check-in materials included a phone number for the police with encouragement to call if there was noise after 11pm.

Posted on: February 09, 2012 at 5:22PM

I agree - Avoid 227Rentals! There are plenty of other better, more customer friendly and less misleading options. I tried twice to book with 227. The first time, I was redirected to a website when I had questions about the availability of a property. Couldn't answer a simple question like that? Not only was the info on their website vague and unhelpful, but when I sent an email to confirm the price of one rental and book it, they promptly raised the cost by over 50%! My second attempt proved just as fruitless when, again, I emailed to book a (different) property (I tried to book it myself online, but a notice popped up asking that I had to email them first). Not only have they not responded yet, but that listing appears to have just been pulled from the site I was on - all of their properties seem to have been removed actually. AND, when I checked their website for the rental, it's now showing that it's fully booked (the property appeared completely unbooked for 2 months in a row just yesterday) PLUS they are applying additional fees that did not appear on the other websites they book through. Still, they have not responded to my inquiry and I don't anticipate they will. RED FLAG: Something is wrong with this "business." It seems very underhanded, the way they go about things. I would not trust it. I travel a lot and this kind of treatment I have never encountered. Southern hospitality? Not here, friend.

Posted on: August 31, 2011 at 9:46AM

I couldn't disagree more with her. 227 Rentals does not own that property but also NEVER said it was newly renovated. She obviously confused one unit with another as we had over 30 places available. Some are more budget than others and she picked the cheapest 3 bedroom unit we had at the time. We have many fantastic places all downtown Charleston. The particular places, 79B and 71B we no longer represent. We do have a high standards and I can give you many fantastic references. You can also give me a call anytime to discuss it. 843-860-0797. Kevin

Posted on: August 26, 2011 at 3:07PM

I had a similar experience with 227 Rentals. To put it in a word: CRAP! In four words: Lipstick on a pig! First, the general area is not great. When I first arrived to 71B Spring street, I thought made a mistake in navigation. It's not quite a ghetto, but it's not too far from it. You'll be a good distance from all there is to see and do in Charleston. The building itself, which houses two condos is run down. The front door to the entry porch of both condos was cracked and wobbly. Upstairs, you'll find 71B. The steps and front porch looked like they hadn't been cleaned in years, right down to the cigarette bucket with somewhere in the area of 1000 cigarettes in it. Upon opening the door, we were greeted with an overwhelming STENCH OF STALE URINE. I kid you not! The walls in the family room were a drab green with a myriad of cracks down the walls. The fire places are just for show. The fabric cushions on the worn leather couch were torn. All of the walls in general looked like someone had just slapped a thick coat of paint over whatever was there before. It looked like several decades of overcoat. Walls in the master bedroom and two upstairs bedrooms had large pieces of paint pealing off all over the place. In fact, the master bedroom ceiling had multiple cracks and was bowing in. I just loved laying in the bed, which was also falling apart, wondering when the ceiling was going to cave in on my wife and I. They call this a renovation? As for the master bathroom, there is none. There are two doors in the master bedroom, both lead to small closets. On one closet, the door wouldn't even close due to warped wood or too much paint overcoat. Both closets also had cracks in the walls. There are two bathrooms. On is basically under the stairs. There is a tub there, but you cannot stand up to take a shower, because it is directly butted up to the wall under the slope of the stairwell. The sink had no handles (only the stalks). My family of 5 had to take turns using the other bathroom to shower. The other bathroom is across the family room and dining room also houses the washer, dryer and water heater, all tucked into closets with no doors. However, when drying clothes, the bathroom makes a nice sauna. Oh, and the bathroom door didn't lock either. I mean it had a little slide lock, it just didn't work. The kitchen had the same multiple overcoats of paint. Have these people never heard of sandpaper and primer before? The stove gave off a very strong smell of burnt plastic, which was welcome reprieve from the ubiquitous urine smell. There were also burnt out lights in the hallway and all three bedrooms. There were also gaps and separations in the wood floors in several rooms. Of course, I called to complain. I spoke with Christine, I believe was her name. Kevin was apparently on vacation. So she had the owner of the actual apartment come by to change the lights (so I thought). Of course, we were out, and we had left our 15 year old daughter back at the condo, because she was not feeling well, so I would not let them enter without us being there. Christine seem to convey this was an inconvenience to the owner. How is that my problem? When I returned back to the condo later that evening, I saw there on the front porch was a ladder, a paint bucket, a scrapper, a tarp and a paint brush. Um, were they planning to "renovate" while we were staying in the room? Any way, there those things stayed until we left two days later. I called Christine asking for her to find us another location to stay. She said she didn't have any other vacancies that could accommodate our party of 5, so what did I suggest they do? Um, how about help me find another place and give me my money back for the remaining nights? She said she would have to talk to Kevin, and he would call me back that night. I never heard from him. So there we stayed. I have rented off VRBO and CyberRentals many times in the past. Some places are better than others. None have ever been anywhere near as bad as this place. Seriously? They call this a "renovated" condo? My family typically enjoys staying in old or historic places to capture the essence of the area. There are always oddities about these places, so we expect it. Usually, it adds to the charm. I'm not exactly a snob about rental places, but this was absolute CRAP! They ought to be ashamed and embarrassed. But they seem to think this is money well spent by the traveler. Not for my hard-earned money. From one traveler to another, I implore you to look elsewhere and not stay with this ratty operation. Clearly, once they have your money, they simply do not give a sh** about you or your experience. It is evident in the care they give to the dwellings they rent out. I hope my ranting on every web site they advertise on will find you searching elsewhere for a place to stay. And I hope, in the end, the cost they incur from losing business and from the official complaints I have made with Charleston Building Inspection and Code Enforcement and others will in some way compensate for all the money they have bilked out of unsuspecting visitors.

Posted on: July 20, 2011 at 9:47AM

All I can say is that we have had many very happy repeat customers at that location. We try very hard to provide excellent customer service and are more than responsive to their needs. You can't please everyone all of the time, especially if they won't let you. I can say that in NO way is our information misleading. We have a lot of fantastic reviews on this and our other places. Kevin High

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