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Posted on: September 24, 2012 at 11:26PM

Columbus Day is in October 12 th or the second Monday of October, to commemorate the Columbus first appeared on the American continent. The first Columbus Day is celebrated in the in the United States of America in 1792. It was the 300 anniversary of Columbus arrived in America; Tammany society in New York City sponsored the celebration. In 1893, Chicago held Columbus exhibition, and held a grand ceremony again. Since then, every year on this day, most American States have to parade, church and school take activities to commemorate this historic day. Christopher Columbus is Italy navigator; he was born in Genoa and moved to Portugal in 1476. He believes that the earth is round and thinks from Europe to the Atlantic by coast west can reach east. In 1492 October, Columbus lead 3 boats and 87 seamen across the Atlantic, arrived at the Bahamian archipelago in San Salvador, became the first man discovered the new world in western. If Columbus is not born in Italy, the United States would not have Columbus anniversary. For compatriotsí pride, New York city of Italy descent organized the first celebration of the discovery of America in October 12, 1866. In second years, the Italians of other city also joined the ranks; they held a dinner and dance parade. In October 12, 1869, the Italians living in San Francisco held memorial day, called" Columbus Memorial day". In 1905, Colorado became the first state to celebrate Columbus Day. Later, decades other states have also started to celebrate this festival. In 1937, the President Franklin Roosevelt declared October 12th as Columbus Day. Since the beginning of 1971, the day was officially scheduled for the second Monday of October. You can check the hotel details in:, and find more atrractions of there from The parade held along the New York Manhattan Fifth Avenue. In October 11, 2010. New York City held the sixty-sixth Columbus Day parade to commemorate the Italy navigator Christopher Columbus first discovered the continent of America in 1492. This is an activity that the United States Italy African-American residents show traditional practices. About 35000 people, more than 100 floats in the march of this year, the audience of it up to hundreds of thousands of people. report a problem

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