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Chicago User Posts + Reviews

Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Chicago.
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Best Food

Pan pizza is a must eat while you're here. Also try Italian Beef sandwiches. They're both nearly everywhere and can't be found as good outside of Chicago.   more

Make the most of your visit

Confused about what to see? There are many good bus tours of the city and we would recommend taking at least one as the first item on your agenda. This way you get a good preview of...more

Family Plan

Already bought airplane tickets and have spent some money on winter apparel. But doing a little more research on this website I now understand a bad mistake is on hand for selecting...more

Chicago's Airports

When leaving from a Chicago Airport, you are not allowed to carry any bottles of liquids past security. A good idea is to take an empty water bottle with you, or chug your drink before...more

Visiting Chicago from Abroad

When visiting to Chicago from abroad, you cannot bring in any fruit or meat from other countries. It will be taken out of your carry on baggage. So don't be like me & spend...more

See the neighborhoods

If you have a couple extra days in Chicago, much of the charm of the city isn't just located in the downtown area where people spend most of their time. Venture out to the...more

Spring Time in Chicago

I have been to Chicago in April/May and it is great, fresh air and great for walking.-   more

ChicaGo gret tip

If you are traveling to Chicago in the summer, there are two things you shouldn't miss. SummerDance takes place every Thursday-Sunday in Grant Parak. Chicagoans gather on the...more


Are you thinking about traveling through O'Hare this winter? As one of the busiest airports in the world, O'Hare layovers are tough even on the best of days. Things go from...more


Be sure to visit Ravinia--take the train or arrive early, and you will be happy...and linger after the concert to avoid traffic and soak up the grounds.   more

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