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azure suffers from bad management and security

Posted on: April 11, 2014 at 11:54AM

By Guest

We used to like Azure but that was before the other new and proper sky bars. Azure's attraction, the terrace, is big like a big jacuzzi. Azure needs to refine its management and revise its door policy especially the queue policy. Why do their managers think the highly educated young professionals and partyers would consent to showing their IDs to be checked by some Indian triad like bouncers, unbearably rude and impatient. One of my friends was told to f off just because he was leaning against a table. Another girl was grabbed by the arm and pulled back down the stairs because she didn't know at Azure you had to buy a drink before being admitted, she almost fell! But Azure must be feeling the pinch of their absurd treatment of customers now, it's almost always empty!

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