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Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about China.
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user review | Nightlife: Azure, Hong Kong

azure suffers from bad management and security

We used to like Azure but that was before the other new and proper sky bars. Azure's attraction, the terrace, is big like a big jacuzzi. Azure needs to refine its management and...more

user review | Nightlife: Kee Club, Hong Kong

Kee Club only if you're pretty white

Kee Club looks nice but who would want to spend an evening in a museum with fossils who can hardly dance? Or see in the dark? But what ruined our evening, lovely with friends till...more

user review | Nightlife: The Pawn, Hong Kong

service - room for improvement

good food, nice place if too possessing of the rooftop which is public actually. staff could be better.   more

user review | Nightlife: Azure, Hong Kong

Azure in LKF hotel is not 5 star!

Azure is poorly managed by men in black who think partyers have no standards. Djs are robots, toilets are literally shitty, indian security staff take advantage of white women and white...more

user review | Nightlife: Azure, Hong Kong


a   more

user review | Eating: Three on the Bund, Shanghai


Laris has been the best restaurant on the Bund. I have been living in Shanghai for 9 years.Jean Georges was also good. No idea about now.New Heights is good value.I do not know about...more

Diva Life: a wonderful spa lounge to take a break~

Shanghai is a modern city in China. Worth everyone to visit or have a trip here. But actually, as a busy city, Shanghai always makes people feel quick and noisy. Once I travelled in...more

user review | See + Do: Acupressure and Massage Centre, Hong Kong

Charlie's Acupressure and Massage Centre of the Blind has moved

Charlie's massage centre is the first massage therapy centre set up by a blind person. Charlie has over 20 years' experience and he still works in his salon. It is worth...more

Springhill Group Counselling: Counseling and Psychotherapy for Married Couples

Let us understand first the difference of counseling and psychotherapy. These two are terms that are often used interchangeably. Even if that is the case, they are very similar yet...more

Gubeikou Great Wall in Beijing

Gubeikou is an important strategic pass of the Great Wall, which is located in Miyun County, Beijing. This section has been reconstructed many times since the Eastern Zhou dynasty...more

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