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China User Posts + Reviews

Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about China.
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Avoid Beijing Minzu Hotel

Booked here through CoSports during the Summer Olympics, I have never stayed at a more wretched hotel in my life. If there was a way to litigate against CoSports for the blantant...more

user review | Shop: Discount Shopping, Hong Kong

Discount Shopping

Be Very Sure you find a taxi driver that is very familiar with the area where the Space store is located. We drove around and around the exact same three blocks for one whole hour...more

Take a break from the smoggy city

China is a massive land, so covering it should be done in multiple trips. Big cities are an obvious attraction, but if you are looking for a more natural encounter, be sure to add...more

holiday trips to china

a trip to china is one of the most exciting destinations every traveler counts in to.however, one should plan the trip on the best season since the country, especially in the northern...more


Before going anywhere in Asia bring a night light along. Since the electrical wiring is likely not to code; plug in the night light along with your adaptor before plugging in your...more

off the beaten path

Get away from the usual tourist cities. Get a guide and driver .My next stop in China will be Shanxi Province. This province has great sites to see.   more

Bring a small calculator

Due to language barriers, a small calculator is invaluable when shopping. It also lets you bargain in markets and in smaller hotels. I found that I was able to get much cheaper rates...more

Add to Your Itinerary

If you can only visit 3 Chinese cities, Guilin should be one of them. The guidebooks spoke of its "Three Treasures" (a distinct chili sauce, a special kind of rice, and a rice...more

Travel Tip

It is an absolute necessity to carry your own toilet paper with you when you are sightseeing in China. Even if it has western style facilities, my wife found she used a lot of her own...more

Need someone to speak English? Look to the children & teens

If you are out shopping or sightseeing in China and traveling without an English speaking guide, fear no problems with language. English is now required in the primary and secondary...more

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