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China User Posts + Reviews

Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about China.
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user review | See + Do: Victoria Peak, Hong Kong


I will lell you later   more


I have been given a postal code of 100124, which Fed Ex says is invalid.I need to ship a package to NO33A, Jing Yuan, No.3 Guang QuRoad, ChaoYang District, Beijing, China.The postal...more

user review | Hotel: Red Capital Ranch, Beijing

Red Capital Ranch: One of China's First Eco Resorts

For those who want to experience a real taste of old China and want time to explore one of the least visited sections of the reconstructed wall at Mitanyu, the Red Capital Ranch is the...more

user review | Shop: Karolina Lehman, Beijing

ms g b eastman

I have found a beautiful blue fish-shaped vase made by Karolina--please could anyone tell me more about her or this piece?-- is it of any value??!thanks   more


Macau is quickly becoming the Las Vegas of the East and is an amazing city that still shows its Portuguese influence from nearly 400 years of Portuguese colonial rule. What I did not...more

Dadong Roast Duck Restaurant

Colleagues living in Beijing insisted that the Beijing duck at the Beijing Roast Duck Restaurant (also known as Beijing Dadong) was the finest in the city. Though the rows of headless...more

Stanley Market

A great and inexpensive way to get to Stanley Market and see alot of the countryside is to take the public bus from downtown. There are directors at the bus stop to help you get on...more

Jing Shan Park

One morning, we were driving north around the Forbidden City heading to some destination when we passed the gates of Jing Shan Park. Something was clearly going on as people streamed...more

Hungry Backpackers

Actually applies to nearly any large city: Anyone low on funds or just desiring an inexpensive, hearty meal, head for the YMCA lunchroom. Lunch or dinner fare at the Kowloon YMCA is...more

Jumbo Restaurant and James Bond

In typhoon-protected Aberdeen Harbor, you can take a small Chinese junk -- typically under the command of an older woman -- through the fishing fleet and out to the Jumbo Restaurant. ...more

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